Five signs that summer is close teachers…

This time of year is CHAOTIC for a teacher. EOY (end of the year) testing is in progress, STAAR is around the corner (again) and classroom behavior is well, interesting. You know it’s almost break time and so do the kids! Here are some signs that might let you know summer is closer then you think

  1. The Snooze Button: As the year draws towards an end the energy we had at the BOY (beginning of the year) is well, just not there! You’ve been going a mile-a-minute since day one! Meetings, lesson planning, grading, prep-work, tutoring, conferences, math night, science night, reading night, professional development, you name it you were there! In sight of that why not hit that snooze button one more time, you deserve the extra five! So what if you have two-day old hair, I’m sure it’s nothing a little dry-shampoo can’t fix!
  2. Jeans: What is it about a jeans pass that make teachers go NUTS!? We will do anything for a jeans pass, literally anything! Not to mention when you’ve hit that snooze button maybe more than you should have a jeans pass really saves the day!
  3. Caffein: So you like your coffee in the morning on the regular, but this time of year you find your self coming around for seconds (more than once). You’re hanging on by a thread with all the madness that comes with the closing of another school year. It’s our friend coffee for the win with it’s pal caffein!
  4. Classroom Incentives: It’s been a long year and these last few weeks can be even longer. It hard for students to stay on task and have positive classroom behavior…It’s time to crank up some new behavior incentives, pull out your tool box and try everything. EVERYTHING! What ever it takes to keep them on task, behaved and engaged!
  5. Special Activities: It’s no wonder that classroom behavior is a little bit more tricky this time of year, there are so many exciting things going on! You have field trips, open house, activity nights, plays and not to mention FEILD DAY (elementary) or PROM (high school)! These activities are a sure sign that summer is drawing closer my friends.

It’s been a great year teacher! You’ve done amazing things this year and I am SO proud of you. Hang in there and finish strong. There are only a few weeks that stand between you and a summer full of fun in the sun, vacations, down time, a good book and  of course sleeping in…

❤ Brittani