You got this girl!

You’re pregnant! Yay! After a year, or more, or maybe even less of trying you’re finally going to welcome your first boy, or girl into the world, congrats friend! You immediately start pinning pins on Pinterest, on a secret board of course! It’s way too early to let the cat out of the bag.

A few weeks pass and maybe panic sits in? Do you know what you’re doing? You couldn’t even keep a plant alive, how on earth will you keep another human being alive?!?! Now, I am not saying I am the baby guru, or baby whisper by any means…But, over this past year I have figured out quite a bit, and guess what… You will too!

I currently have four friends who are expecting for the first time…  and have had others who have given birth since I have. I’ve been asked by each of them questions, and even told things like “I’m calling you, I have NO clue what I am doing.”

I shared with them, so I’m going share with you too, the BIG secret (to raising children & being a mommy) to all of you who are expecting…

Wait for it…

There is NO secret! Sure, you can read all the books, Google anything, and everything on the topic (I would advise you to stay away from Google though), but the thing is… You know what you’re doing, you just don’t know that you know, yet.

Things will be hard at first, you might even cry there will be tears, and sleepless nights… But one day you’ll wake up and the things that used to be hard will become second nature, the  new norm. You’ll find strength within yourself that you never knew was there, you will literally amaze yourself. You’ll be a pro in no time, I promise. Your mommy intuition, and natural instincts will kick in. You will do what you thought you couldn’t, and you’ll make it look effortless. You got this girl!


Brittani, just a wife, mom & teacher



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