Morning struggles of a working mom…

So, you’re a parent, the joys, and struggles of your morning routine are, well, interesting to say the least. I myself am a working mom and my mornings are nuts, chaotic, hilarious, and sometimes down right UGLY!

Morning struggles of a working parent are sometimes enough to spin you off the deep end, and might even make you want to crawl in a dark place and hide…But, that would mean losing your job, paycheck, house, and let’s just not go down that road…Ok…

I have compiled a list based on personal experiences to try to convey some of the struggles a working parent faces most morning…

  1. THE SNOOZE BUTTON: So, I  set my alarm about 45 minutes before my sweet boy normally wakes up… My logic is that I can be dressed and ready to meet his needs when he wakes up… But, there is this horrible invention called “the snooze button.” This little sucker is the devil himself! I swear, I push it once or twice and those 45 minutes are up, gone, BYE FELICIA! When this happens I usually have to wear day old, or two day old hair & apply my make-up in the parking lot at work…The struggle y’all!!!
  2. BLOWOUTS: Okay so, I didn’t hit the snooze button. I am dressed, bags are packed, and I’m ready to go with my kid in tow…Then, I smell it! The POO! If your one year old is anything like mine, he is all but still for this diaper change. Most of the time I end up with poo on me, or him which requires a wardrobe change of course.
  3. SNUGGLES: So on those mornings when I bypass the snooze button, and little man sleeps until I’m fully dressed, and ready to go; my favorite thing to do is to scoop up my son and steal some snuggles before he is awake. In these moments I completely lose track of time. I’m in the moment, savoring every single second. I’m saying prayers for our day. I’m thanking God for such a beautiful, and perfect little man to love. I’m not sure that I would count this as a struggle, the struggle in this though is that I don’t have to ability to just stay and soak it up longer.
  4. DROP-OFF: Drop-off at daycare can be brutal, especially on days where my sweet boy is extra clingy. The hardest thing I have to do each day when I drop him off is to walk away, add crying out for me, and reaching out for me… Heart… Broken… This doesn’t happen every day, but when it does it literally hurts my soul. His sweet teachers always tell me he calms down in all of about two seconds, but none-the-less it’s a horrible experience.

So, these are my top four morning struggles as a working parent. What are yours? Working parent or stay at home parent, I would love to hear from you!


Brittani, just a wife, mom & teacher 🙂


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