It’s Not A Job, It’s A Blessing…

Have you ever had those moments where you word vomit, and even as the words are spewing out of your mouth you immediately regret them? You literally would rather eat your own foot than anyone else hear the words that you dared to utter…

Before I go on I want to make it clear that I am guilty of referring to my life as a mother as a “job,” don’t get me wrong it is work, there’s absolutely no doubt about that! However, I do regret ever referring to it as a “job” or a “second shift” as a I work outside of the home as a third grade teacher.

Over this past year I have followed some of my friends and family members journeys, and battles they have faced being a mother, and, or trying to become one. I have prayed for miracles in the form of my friends being able to conceive, and others for miricals of healing from illnesses for their sweet babies. I have felt true heartache for them, I have shed tears on their behalf,  I have begged the Lord for mercy on their behalf, I have prayed for their blessings (their children). I have also felt guilt, yes guilt for ever referring to my precious blessing as a “job.” A job, first of all is something that you clock into and clock out of. Being a mother is not a job, it is a blessing, it is life, it is a privilege denied to many. Sure, days are hard. There are battles, and days where you are completely and utterly defeated. There are days where you feel like you just can’t…

After being witness to so many of my friends and family members over this past year I feel such shame and guilt for ever referring to my son as a “job”.  Instead of bearing a bad attitude when my son wakes me up in the middle of the night I need to relish in the sweet moments of holding him while he is so small. The moments we as mothers share with our wee ones will pass all too quickly. I need to be grateful for the “messes” I get to, not have to clean up, the sleepless nights, the long hours, the dirty clothes, the smelly diapers, and all that’s in-between.  I need look at my son for what he truly is, a blessing, not a “job.”

To all the moms, it is hard, it is draining, but it isn’t a “job” it is a blessing often denied to many… When you feel discouraged, lonely, guilty, angry, annoyed and even a little crazy, look at your blessing, hug them, and be thankful for them.

From one mother to another.

With love,