Confessions Of A Third Grade Teacher…

Please, don’t judge me, or do… Whatever.

1. We don’t grade everything.

Yep, that’s right we don’t grade every assignment that students complete. Why? Because who has that much time!? So if your student comes home with smiley face on an assignment, it’s not because they rocked it…. It’s probably because:

a) I was too tired to grade it.

b) It was an assignment given by a substitute.

c) I already had enough grades in the grade-book for that reporting period.

2. Recess isn’t for the students, its for us!

When most people think of recess they think of gross motor development, and social emotional skills. Yes, recess is great for developing the above, but lets be honest… It’s not for them, it’s for us! If you stay at home with kids then you get it… A break is necessary! Be it in the form of a nap, a 3o minute episode of their favorite show, or a 20 minute recess.

3. Pinterest guides our lessons.

It’s true, those awesome lesson plans are often stollen  revamped and tweaked from some rock star teacher who posted her info on Pinterest. She really should open up a teachers-pay-teachers account.

4. We don’t teach for the money.

Of course we don’t teach for the pay but, summers and holidays at home off  lesson-planning isn’t too bad especially since most conferences are taken up with ARD’s, PLC’s, conferences, and other meetings.

5. Coffee is our lifeline.

Surviving a day with 38 students requires caffein, a lot of caffein. Before my classroom Keurig bit the dust all of my students knew how to brew Mrs. C a nice cup of joe. Luckily the following semester the teachers lounge was gifted a Keurig and Mrs. Davis down the hall always has a hot pot brewing!

So there you have it, not a complete list of confessions by any means, I can’t give away too many of our secrets… My fellow teachers might hunt me down if I do. Happy Monday folks! Have a good one!

For my fellow teachers I leave you with this, there are only 17 more Mondays in this school year, spring break is only a month away and I’m pretty sure we have a a few Monday holidays in the mix too!

#iswearilovekidsandteaching #keepcalmandteachon



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