What will you fill your pages with?

New Year’s Day, a fresh start, tabula rasa. You have a new book with blank sheets, and you my friend are the author. What story will you write?

Our society has become so fixated on resolutions for the new year, a fancy way to say things you want to change about yourself…. What if though instead of changing yourself you simply reflected on what you are, who you have become, accomplishments and failures, and then instead of trying to change them, learn and grow from them… What if?

As I reflect on this past year I see good, bad, great, and not so great…. Would I change any of it? Heavens no! My short comings have made me who I am today as well as my accomplishments. Do I want to be better this year than I was last year? Of course!

This year instead of changing yourself, or making a resolution, strive to be better and do better than last year.

Goodbye 2015, and hello, 2016! Here is to past, may we learn from it, and here is to the future. May we take it by storm!

Happy new year my friends! What will you fill your pages with?

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