So, I for the most part consider myself a pretty responsible and organized individual.  I’m always ahead of deadlines; completing house work, cooking dinner, running errants, preparing lesson plans, heck even working on higher education. Most items on my to-do list are done way before their due date. So why, why is it that mom duties seem to fall straight out of my brain!? I seriously have become the MOST forgetful individual on the face of the planet. When I pushed Greyson out did half of my brain come with him?

Here are a few of my recent #momfail moments, maybe you can relate?

  1. Just the other day we went to take family pictures and afterwards we went out to eat. As we were enjoying a lovely meal an aroma that was not quite as pleasant as my California Club made itself known…. That’s right a California Club with a side of “poo.” Lovely, right? So, since mens lavatories don’t have changing tables (PS: Why is that?) I was the lucky winner who got to claim the “prize.” I gathered Greyson’s items from his diaper bag…But…OH NO! Where were the wipes??? Did is seriously forget to pack wipes? Who does that? ME, #momfail! So I got to change Greyson’s poo  (which was more under the category of blow-out i.e., we had leakage) using restaurant quality TP, yippy! It was super durable, by the way… Outcome: now in BJ’s Brewery dumpster rests one of Greyson’s adorable onesies.
  2. Last Saturday my mom, sister and I hit the stores to do some clothes shopping and of course I had Greyson with me…. After shopping we were famished. We got to the restaurant (Ph0-V Noodle, its amazing!) and I began to prepare Greyson’s bottle (that’s right no boob juice here, and he is perfectly normal folks. That was a four month roller coaster btw) and guess who forgot to pack a bottle? This momma, right here, #momfail! Thank the good Lord I had some pureed peaches with me! Whew! Oh but I did drop is spoon while feeding him, twice… A little dirt never hurt… Just kidding totally washed it off.
  3. Laundry is a vicious cycle in my house hold it seriously NEVER ends, like, ever… I am constantly washing Greyson’s clothes to the point where it becomes mindless and when something is mindless mistakes are bound to be made.  The other day I threw all of this sleepers in the wash and completely forgot to switch them over to the dryer until bed time rolled around and I was looking for that sleeper… Seriously? Did my brain fall out of my butt? #momfail!

So, I guess what my point here is that we are human, we have those #momfail moments where we seriously have no idea what we were thinking, or were we even thinking at all? Life is nuts, there are deadlines, errands, homework, chores, laundry, and the list just goes on and on… The #momfail moments are bound to happen. But please momma, remember to give yourself grace in those moments and know how awesome you are. You might feel like a failure and when those moments come, and they will, look at your children. If they are still breathing then I say that’s a #momwin! You’re doing awesome! Keep it up girlfriend!


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