So, how do we do it….?

I don’t love the man I married…

So my title might have scared you, maybe it raised some eyebrows…? For the record I still love my husband but the reasons why I do have changed from the day that we said “I DO” or I guess “WE DO.”

This February my husband and I will have been married for five years. WOW, as I sit here and type this I can’t believe that it’s been almost five years! That’s nuts to me. Now I know we aren’t the couple still dancing at weddings when they try to see who is the oldest couple in the room is but in todays society I feel that five years deserves an “egg shake” or you might know it as a “hand clap.”

Anyways on to the point… On our wedding day our paster, Nick Cooper had us write down the top ten reasons why we loved the other. It was a special moment and a part of our ceremony that I will never forget. Hearing the reasons why Mikey loved me, Brittani Leigh Cochrane was such a special moment in time. And the look on Mikey’s face when he heard the reasons why I loved him was equally as special. The reasons we wrote were reasons we developed through a courtship the reasons we decided we wanted to spend the rest of forever together. However, over the course of (almost) five years those reasons have matured and changed. I don’t love the man I married, I love the man he has become. 

Marriage is a job, 24/7. Marriage is a decision you must make daily. Marriage takes time, commitment and patience. Marriage can be ugly and beautiful all at the same time. My husband has seen me at my worst and my best.  We have cried together and laughed together. We have watched each other grow. Through the process of marriage I have developed new feelings and new reasons for loving my husband and believe it or not those reasons are more simple than one might think.

Along our journey I have learned to appreciate and love the little things my husband does for me like:

Packing my lunch

Folding my laundry

Giving me compliments on a daily basis despite my post-baby-bod

Cooking dinner when he can tell I’m too busy or overwhelmed with work

Letting me vent about even the most ridiculous things

Finding items I’ve misplaced

Taking out the trash

Waking up to feed Greyson so I can sleep in

How he interacts with our son, he is loving, patient, kind and gentile

How he treats me on a daily basis, through his actions I am always able to see Jesus and for that reason I fall in love with him over and over again

The reasons above might seem silly or miniscule. They aren’t the in depth reasons we gave each other the day of our wedding (although those original top 10 are still on the list today).  They are the reasons I continue to love my husband they are the reasons that make my love for him grow even deeper. They are the reasons why I appreciate him more and more each day.

So here is to marriage, to the top 10 and counting and to another almost five years.SLT_9746b(Hearing Our Top 10 Reasons)