Blink, but not for too long….

Tomorrow at exactly 10:39am my son, Greyson will be six months old. That’s 1/2 of a year, 182.5 days or 4380 hours! Time is passing by at such an accelerated rate since my husband and I welcomed our sweet baby boy into this world.

So much has changed in past six months. I have learned several things from learning to function on little or no sleep to being an expert in burping, my son not me.  From all the tricks and trades I have added to my parenting tool box the most important one I have was not acquired during the past six months…

While attending college at Tarleton State University I joined many groups and organizations ranging from Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Government to Paradigm (a college ministry). During my time in Paradigm I was lead by Nick Cooper. Later he would be the one to marry Mikey and I.  I remember a distinct conversation we had the night before our wedding. It was right after our rehearsal at the Old Red Museum, in Dallas. Nick, Mikey and myself sat in a room and went over a few details. At that moment Nick took an opportunity to share some great advice. He went on to tell us how crazy the day would be tomorrow and how everything would pass by before we knew it.  He encouraged us to take mental snapshots throughout the day to focus on the details and to soak in every moment before they were gone. He demonstrated how to do this by simply blinking your eyes, quickly, he said “when you see something you want to remember just blink (quickly) and remember it, keep it with you always.” He was absolutely right! The day flew by, it was here one minute and the then next it was gone…

Throughout our marriage Mikey and I have experienced moments that were so special and incredible that we knew we wanted to keep the memory with us, always.  We would and still do look at each other and blink (quickly).  It’s our way of saying we want to remember this moment, always.

This advice given by Nick has carried over into parenthood.  There have been so many little moments that have come and gone already.  I find my self blinking just fast enough to keep the moment with me, always.  Moments like when Greyson first smiled, rolled over, laughed and reached for me.  The time is passing and will continue to do so. I will continue to soak in the sweet moments by taking mental snapshots.

For my friends out there who are expecting, have recently welcomed a sweet babe or maybe it has been several years since you welcomed your kiddo… It may sound weird but I encourage you to blink, not too long though. Blink quickly, quick enough to take that mental snapshot of all the sweet moments that are and yet to come.

Blink, but not for too long...
Blink, but not for too long…

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