Teaching through the eyes of a mommy…

Over the past five years I have had the privilege of teaching our future.  I have spent two years in Kindergarten, two years in Pre-Kindergarten and  now my fifth year of teaching  in Third.  I can truly say that I have enjoyed my time in the classroom. Yes, there have been trials, late night planning, countless professional development hours, millions of class newsletters, assessments, blood, sweat and more tears than you can imagine.  It is a difficult job that follows you out of your classroom to your car and into your home.  Your students become your prayers.  I have always had a soft spot that has in my opinion made me a better teacher.


Patience, being a teacher especially in early childhood you must have an abundance  of patience. If you don’t you need to get out, fast! Seriously, run in the opposite direction for the sake of the kids! I feel that I have always had a great deal of patience and empathy with my students. But, after being introduced to motherhood I have felt that patience and even the love I have for my students grow.  I now see my students through the eyes of a mother.  When I am dealing with a “challenging” student I think about Greyson.  What if this were him how would I want his teacher to handle the situation?  I would want her to handle it in love.  I would want her to have grace with him and be quick to forgive.  Kids are kids, they are not perfect nor should they be. Kids are unique individuals who deserve every ounce of patience, empathy and love we can give them as teachers. I am thankful for this new perspective. I feel that it has helped me to be a better teacher and I am so, so grateful.

So, when the next “challenging” student comes my way I will use my mommy eyes and I pray that I will handle each situation with love and grace.



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