7 things you might not know about your child’s teacher….

          Ahhhh, the life of a teacher. It’s the best! You only go to work 8 hours a day. You never have after school meetings and lesson plans…They pretty much write themselves. Oh and if you’re a kindergarten teacher you pretty much just play all day. SAID NO TEACHER EVER!

       Here are 7 things that you might not know but, you should definitely know about teachers:

  1. A teachers gets a yearly budget for their classroom, it comes directly from THEIR paycheck….So go ahead, buy those extra pack of crayons for sixty-eight cents at Target on back to school special. If your student’s teacher bought one for every student that would equate to $22.01 after TAX, assuming she has only 30 students.
  2. We are not a babysitting service. If we were we would get paid by the hour for every student…. Actually that might work in our favor…. I should bring this up at the next bi-weekly staff meeting. Regardless, school ends at 3:35pm. Be there or be square!
  3. School(work) does not end for a teacher, EVER! We bring lesson planning, grading and professional development home.
  4. We DO NOT get summers off regardless of what you’ve been told! Don’t get me wrong we may take a vacation or two, lounge by the pool and visit with family….The rest of our time “off”  is spent preparing for the school year to come. We might be getting familiar with new curriculum, re-writing lesson plans, attending MANDATORY professional development, taking classes to further our own education or making games/activities for students.
  5. We are totally in the profession for the moo-la!
  6. We can hold our bladder longer than you.
  7. Regardless of the politics and lack of pay surrounding the teaching profession we are in it because of the students. Not for the “time off” or the “8 hour days” but, because we have a genuine interest in students.

All joking aside, the teacher life isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely fight or flight. We do our job with integrity and expect nothing in return except that you pick up your student on time…3:35pm to be exact. I don’t want to be late for my after school training 😉



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