I see you mom…


I’m not sure how to begin this post. I want to preface it by saying that I think being a mom is quite possibly one of the most difficult jobs I have ever had. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom…You are a mom superhero!

This post goes out to all moms, I want you to know I see you, having been at both ends of the spectrum.

First, to my SAHM’s…. I see you:

Skipping your shower to take care of the needs of your kid(s).

Never getting “dressed” for the day and feeling discouraged when your other half comes home and you’re still in what he saw you in when he left for work…and you may or may not have had a chance to brush your teeth.

Trying to get your fussy kid(s) down for a nap.

Scrambling to get house work done while the little monsters finally nap.

Loading that/those same little monster(s) up and braving Target or Wal-Mart. May the force be with you sister!

Facing a meltdown at Target or Wal-Mart.

Doing laundry for everyone, except you. Let’s face it you don’t have much to wash when you wear the same thing a few days in a row more than you would like to admit.

Doing tummy time for the millionth time today.

Watching cartoons that you have absolutely no interest in but, somehow  you end up mesmerized.

Preparing dinner.

Cleaning up after dinner.

Wrangling the kid(s) for your night time routines; bath, books and bed.

Cleaning the house.

Crawling into bed and unwinding with some social media, because it’s your only outlet sometimes.

Feeling a little discouraged because you don’t feel that you’ve accomplished much today. OH, but you did! Your job is so important. You keep your household afloat. You hold down the fort. You are the CEO my friend!

To my working mom’s…. I see you:

Waking up before anyone else to make sure you have time to get ready for work. Or… waking up late and skipping your shower or even make-up.

Waking your sweet kid(s) to feed them and get them dressed for the day.

Realizing you have spit up or even worse poop on you, and you have a meeting today, great!

Making sure you’ve packed your lunch and you kid(s) diaper bag(s) and or backpack(s).

Skipping breakfast because you have NO time!

Dropping your kid(s) off at the sitter/daycare and wishing you were the one to take care of them.

Kissing your kid(s) one last time and checking the clock to be sure you’re not late.

Driving to work most likely in tears, the guilt and shame is unbelievable.

Enjoying your job and then feeling guilty because you do.

(Teacher mom’s: feeling guilty because you spend time investing in others kids the whole day while your little one is with someone else).

Leaving immediately after work knowing you’ll have to work when your kids(s) go to bed tonight.

Picking up your kid(s)

Preparing dinner

Cleaning up after dinner

Wrangling the kid(s) for your night time routines; bath, books and bed.

Watching the baby monitor debating whether or not to go in an scoop them up for some cuddle time.

Working on work (projects, lessons or presentations)

Crawling into bed feeling discouraged because you think you might be doing to wrong thing by working.

So, weather you’re a SAHM or a working-mom….Both jobs are incredibly rough! Not because one stays at home or one has to work outside the home but, because both jobs have the title MOM. Being a mom is tough work!

To all my moms… I see you…


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