I am okay….Because he is loved.

Well, this week I have returned back to work “for real” meaning I have students in my class from 8:05 – 3:35.  I have so many mixed emotions about returning back to work. I am excited about the students who enter my classroom but,  my heart is also with my son.  Each day without fail a co-worker asks me “How are you doing? Was it hard to leave Greyson?” I respond politely, “I’m good and yes, but, I am okay.”  Some moms might be surprised by that response. Maybe their response would be the complete opposite? But, truth be told, I am okay.

Each day starts around 5:30am or 6:00am. I scoop Greyson out of his crib and he greets me with the absolute sweetest smiles and giggles or….cries of “I’m hungry lady!” Either way I am happy to spend time with him even if it is at the butt-crack of dawn. After our feeding we chit-chat, chew on some toys then he usually chills with Daddy (if he hasn’t left for work yet) or on a play mat while I get ready for work. Once we are good to go I load him up and we head to Nana and G-pa’s house.  Greyson gets to spend about two hours with Nana and G-pa’s and I know my mom and dad  absolutely cherish this time with him. Around 9:00am my mom drops Greyson off at Nana-B’s house (Barb), this our schedule, Monday – Thursday. Then on Fridays my sweet cousin, Sara watches Greyson.  My support system is amazing!

So, why am I okay? I am okay because my child has so many people who love on him throughout the day. He gets love from mommy, daddy, Nana, G-pa, Nana-B and cousin Sara! What a blessing to have so many people who get to spend time and love on my son, daily!

Of course I miss him and think about him throughout my day but, Im trying to see the bigger picture… To me the bigger picture is that whether it’s me, Mikey, Nana, G-pa, Nana-B or Sara taking care of Greyson, he is loved. While they are loving him I am doing something equally important, teaching my students and I am able to do so with peace of mind because… I know who he is with while I am teaching loves him and cares for him just as I do and would if I was there.

So, if you’re asking… I am okay. 🙂

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