My sister, my friend, my everything…

My sister is the first friend I remember having. No, she didn’t always like me and I didn’t always like her but, she was and is always there for me. No matter what.  She is there for me to talk with, hang with, gossip with, laugh with and just be with. We share secrets and memories. We can communicate with just a look and I know she knows what I’m “saying.” She gets me like no other. For my Greys Anatomy fans, she is my “person.”

This week my sister seriously stepped up in an amazing way for me and my family.  My sweet sister took off an entire week from work in order to watch Greyson during my first week back at work.  Talk about selflessness!

Having her here this week to help Mikey, Greyson and I make this transition has been such a blessing. She has allowed us to find our new groove.

This week at work one of the teachers daughters was helping me in a my room. We talked about summer, Greyson and school.  I brought up her younger sister and asked how she was doing… Her response was “she is still annoying!” I had to take this opportunity to plant a seed. My words to her were the following…

You know I have a sister and I am the youngest. I remember growing up there were times where we got on each others nerves but, I promise you this, one day your sister will be your best friend.  Having a sister is so special, she will always be there for you no matter what.  Not everyone gets to experience the special friendship sisters have. Just hang in there and one day you’ll see….

As I reflect on this week and how amazing it has been to have my sister here I can’t help but get excited.  The friendship we share is so special so I just know the friendship she and Greyson will have will also be special.  Seeing them together warms my heart and reminds me how blessed I am.

Thank you sissy for always being there for me and being my person. 11903901_10207405717884900_2519761920147665928_n


2 thoughts on “My sister, my friend, my everything…

  1. These words melt my heart. I love watching you both together. I especially love the relationship you have with one another.

    Love you both mommy


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