Our First Weekend Together!


How many days are you off a year? If you don’t work weekends..104…Plus vacation, sick days & holidays… So what’s thats another 3-5 weeks, depending on how long you’ve been with your company of course.


While in college my husband majored in horticulture with an emphasis in golf course management…


Over the past  five years my husband has worked at three different golf courses. 1. Four seasons (2nd assistant to the superintendent) I hated that one bc he was never off on the weekends only one day during the week. 2. Dallas National (1st assistant to the superintendent), I hated this one too! They are a bent grass course & since bent grass is not native to Texas it requires extra TLC. Gosh I know more about grass then I care to know. Anyways, that TLC equates to 12-14 hour days. Oh and at Dallas National the hubs only had one day off a week just like The Four Seasons. The last and most recent course (did you catch that? Check my previous post…) 3. Coyote Ridge (superintendent), 12 hours a day, six  days a week. That dirty mistress (golf course) she steals my husband and only gives him one day off a week and NO holidays, not even Christmas morning…

Coyote Ridge was not a pleasant experience for my husband. He was working 60-70 hours a week, driving an hour and ten minutes round trip and was just worked to the bone. He never had any time to unwind.


Over the past year my husband has been on five interviews, they never worked out. I began to feel discouraged and angry. Here we were about to have a baby and my husband would be missing out on so much. It broke my heart…

One day I got a phone call from my husband. He confided in me that he couldn’t continue this way, he needed to leave the course. Things had gotten bad, questionable decisions by the course had been made…Let’s just say their moral compas didn’t exactly point north… The climate & culture of the working environment was disheartening to my husband. It took a toll on his spirit & crushed him.


Before Mikey put in his two weeks notice with Coyote Ridge he had two interviews in the works and arranged to go work for his friends (ex coyote ridge employee) landscaping company until he got something permanent.

Two weeks in with the landscaping company Mikey was offered a job!!! And that’s not the best part…


I did some calculating, this past year my husband worked 307 days! That’s only 58 days off! With his new job not only will he be off on weekends, he will get 1 week vacation, 1 week sick leave, the whole week of thanksgiving and 2 weeks at Christmas!!!! What a blessing that time will be to Greyson & me 🙂  especially since I’m also off during those times!

Okay, almost done, bare with me….

As mentioned earlier, Mikey’s previous job was such a downer especially on his spirit. This new company… The complete opposite. His boss is such an encourager (if that’s a word) I can tell a difference in my husband in just a few days with his new job. He seems happier and has energy when he gets home.


I am beyond excited to share weekends with my husband and even more excited to wake up with him and experience our first Christmas morning together, in our home, with our son!


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