Oh, the power of prayer!

Prayer….When life gets to hard to stand, kneel….

-Gordon B Hinckley

I am firm believer that no matter my circumstances God will always provide a way. Some ways are easier and some ways, not so much…

My husband is currently in a transition period between jobs. He is working but also hunting for something more permanent.  Through this period I have found myself to be more prayerful. Through prayer I feel my relationship with my Savior strengthening.

Today my husband  has a second interview with a company (YAY!). Today when he left the house we didn’t pray about the interview and I really wish we had… I mean I could still pray over it but, I really wanted to pray with and encourage him…


This afternoon I loaded up babyG and all of his essentials and headed to my parents house to bring my dad (G-Pa) lunch. I got in the car and noticed my car was on EMPTY! Filling up in this Texas heat withy my baby in the car…NOT IDEAL but, a girl has to do what girl has to do, am I right ladies?

As I pulled into QT I had to bypass the first stall as I noticed the pump has one of those yellow bags on the handle. I was forced to pull into the stall more than half way down (inconvenient)…


I pull in to see a familiar truck and a rather handsome looking fellow (MY HUSBAND).

Because of all of the things that might seem to be wrong things were made right. I got to see my husband off before he left for his interview AND I got to pray over him (with him) for his interview that is taking place now.


Now, no matter the outcome of this interview…HE is still good and HE will provide a way!



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