The devil comes to steal, kill & destroy… Beware!

The devil comes to steal (happiness), kill (your spirit) and destroy (your life).

I recently gave birth to. Beautiful baby boy, Greyson Michael. For the past two months, fifteen days, three hours & thirty-five minutes he has brought an abundance of joy to mine and my husbands lives.

Before babyG I never knew I could love someone instantly the way I love him.

Lastnight, after my husband and I finally put down one fussy baby, I sat down in “my chair” and let out a sigh. Not a sigh of relief but a sigh of sadness. I gazed at the baby monitor and then at my husband & burst into tears…

My husband immediately asked “what’s wrong, are you okay?”


As I looked at my sleeping baby the devil wrestled his way in…He put thoughts in my mind like:

-You only have four weeks left of summer!

-You’re  not a good mom because you can’t stay home!

-You’re going to miss SO much!

First, every family looks different. Some moms and dads have to work, some moms or dads stay home to raise the kids, or maybe you won the lottery and everyone can stay home!


Whatever family dynamic you find yourself in it is import to know that you are a good parent as long as you love your child. Stay at home mom or working mom the love a mother has for their offspring is still the same!

As I talked my way off the cliff of “you’re a horrible parent because you have to work…” The one who restores, saves & loves me, JESUS… Reminded me of my mission field, my classroom. Jesus has given me the  opportunity to not only love my son but, every student who enters my classroom. I have a unique opportunity to show my students Jesus through my everyday actions. What a blessing and what an awesome way to show to show Greyson & my students Jesus, through my actions.

So, wherever your mission field is, your home (showing your kids Jesus through selflessness by taking care if their needs and your husbands before your own) or in the work place (showing Jesus to all those you meet reguardless of your environment) let your light shine so that all can see.


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